cousinbrian, we got a facebook son

i want cousin brian to do a guerilla show outside

gathering of the juggalos, lineup looks dope this year. reunited geto boys, three six, PARLIAMENT FUNKADELIC, pharcyde, raekwon, ONYX(?!?) (slam duh nuh nuh duh nuh nuh duh nuhnuhnuhnuh let the boys be boys!!) and DMX, WHAT THE FUCK THIS IS STACKED

make your friends follow us

book us on some shows

gimmie a kiss



who wants a .zip of our WKDU show? its out there…

Anonymous asked:

wut r the chords for disposer luv yr music bye

well uhm i play the drums in it

its prolly like simple though ill ask sean when he gets back from tx. thanks for messaging me, i kinda let this tumblr die


so we’re gonna be in a short film

better get more tattoos first

we out here, we in there

we out here, we in there